SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click) is a fast and efficient way to ensure that a business is visible on Search Engine Results pages – at the top, no less – increasing brand recognition and staying top-of-mind.

We thoroughly research your industry and competitors to help navigate the Quality Score process and identify highly targeted keyword terms.

We are 100% transparent on what we’re spending and where traffic is coming from.

SEM Benefits:

  • Instant traffic & visibility
  • Drive short-term leads
  • Attract targeted visitors
  • Easily measured & optimized
  • Only pay when ads are clicked

We offer paid search marketing across the following search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Our search campaigns target the following three levels:

  • Competitor terms
  • Brand terms
  • Product/Service terms

Call Log & Weekly Reporting

Our service implements a call log service, so each time a user gets to your site from one of our SEM ads, they are given a special proxy number and the call is recorded and provided in the report.

Enhanced Campaigns

We can optimize your campaign so that keyword bids are raised when users are in a closer proximity and/or during your hours of operation. Additionally we can big higher on users that are seeking information on a mobile device.

White Glove Service

Statesman Media is part of one of 26 agencies recognized as a Google Premier SMB Partner. Additionally our team was ranked #3 in this group in customer service in this prestigious category.



“The Statesman Media team is a professional group of media-savvy individuals who know the market and how best to reach Austinites.”

– Window World Austin

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