Content Marketing


Spread the word with original content that consumers find relevant and valuable.

Content Marketing provides your audience with entertaining and informative content that is of value to them and keeps your brand on their mind as they journey through the purchase funnel.

Content Services

Our integrated multimedia, multi-device solutions include:

Copy-writing– Independent creation of the messaging needed for a company’s marketing materials to resonate with their target audience (when design is not needed or already complete).
Native/Sponsored Content – Branded educational content created to drive awareness (Native) or action-oriented content developed to drive traffic (Sponsored). Both Native and Sponsored content are paid and fit into the context of their environment.
Content Strategy – Review of current content marketing efforts and recommendations for future content marketing channels and timing.

Additionally, you can spread your message in unique and targeted channels including:

  • Special sections such as Camp Guide, Gift Guide, Ask the Experts and more!
  • Placement in or sponsorship of existing products
  • Custom content series
  • Opportunities around video, blogs and events.

Content Marketing Strategy1Content Marketing Strategy2



“The Statesman Media team is a professional group of media-savvy individuals who know the market and how best to reach Austinites.”

– Window World Austin

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