Native Advertising in its Native Environment

Native Advertising in its Native Environment

I’ve told you before about native and the ways it can lift your brand awareness, create affinity and trust, and help to tell ‘your story’. Now I’ll show you what I’m talking about with great examples from top brands across the webiverse. Wait, is webiverse a Spiderman thing because that’s probably trademarked. Keep your eye out for a cease and desist boys. Now on with the show, and by show, I mean examples of native infographics, videos, articles and series, quizzes, interactives and integrated campaigns.


Traveling comes with its own set of rules, faux pas and courtesies. In the Huffington Post article “No Slippery Foods, And Other Ways To Avoid ‘Travel Madness’”, the author helps the unaware to become better travel companions. Presented by Lufthansa Airlines, this article gained 121,367 Social Referrals on Facebook alone.


In this remarkably beautiful and starkly real article from The New York Times, T Brand Studios, the reader explores one of the toughest sports known to man. Ballet. Captivating imagery, wonderful prose… by golly, that’s journalism! What are you doing here? Oh, that’s right, you were paid to be here by Cole Haan. And that takes away exactly nothing from this content.


Baseball. Education. Tennis. The entertainment industry. What do they all have in common? They are all being disrupted in some way by technology. Business Insider explores each one in turn as part of “Embracing Disruption”, sponsored content from Dell. This series would also be a good candidate for the integrated category as well since it has some video and podcast components.


I just used the interactive tool from Food52, “How to Survive Any Snack Attack”. I got two recipes I’ll save and never make and a link to buy a sweet and salty mixture that may have made me drool a little. Sponsored by Milk Life who has taken the Miracle on 34th Street approach of, if you don’t have it, send them to someone that does. The interactive tool is at and the article that accompanies it at


If a post is viewed over half a million times and garners 75,000 Facebook shares, is it still native? Yes and, who doesn’t want to know “Which Barbie Are You?”


Yeti can do no wrong when it comes to video content. Peruse, enjoy and never even realize you’re being marketed to. Boarders on Original Content. Capital O, capital C in today’s advertising world.

Because I like hockey and because these videos are amazing to watch, Go Pro: NHL After Dark


This is another one that is more Original Content than native but, the terms have become so interchangeable at times that I feel compelled to include this podcast from GE. Yeah, General Electric. Oh, and it’s fiction. Creativity and serious brands can get along just fine.


We’ve looked at a lot of great brands and content in this article. Now I’ll tell you what I tell all of our advertisers, “it all works better together”. When Supercompressor and GE celebrated the 45th anniversary of the moon landing, they launched a shoe along with it. A shoe stabilized with carbon fiber. Just like a shuttle. They sold out in SEVEN minutes and raised $2,000 on eBay. That’s a well layered campaign and creative. An even better example is from Netflix and Wired with “TV Got Better”. It includes video interviews, infographics, interactive timelines, audio commentary and more.

Now that we’ve seen all the ways in which native advertising has been done, let’s take a moment to mention how it can be distributed. It may appear that most of these concepts are made for digital but, there’s no reason they can’t also be done in print, on television, radio, direct mail and more. Even if you like a medium where the concept doesn’t fit, you can still use that medium to promote. Like outdoor? Use a billboard with a call to action to visit a unique website containing the content. Big fan of stadium advertising? How about a souvenir cup with a QR code or augmented reality?

No matter the brand, there’s always a story. If you need help discovering it or putting it in beautiful prose, we’re here for you.