Employee Spotlight: Richard Romeo

Employee Spotlight: Richard Romeo

Joined Statesman Media: May 2013

Hometown: Clear Lake, Texas

Position: Senior Account Executive of Real Estate

School and Degree: Texas State University: BF in Journalism, BA  in Acting

Favorite Austin Food Truck: Hand Held

What is the environment for a millennial working in a traditional media company?

Working for a traditional media company is an interesting cross between the old world and new world. It has a little bit of a traditional corporate feel but the Statesman embraces the needs and desires of the modern millennial. We’re able to have a flexible schedule, grow our strengths and plan for our future all within the safety net of a long-standing company like the Statesman.

The Statesman’s products also go far beyond a regular local daily newspaper. We offer a ton of cutting-edge marketing products and really cool targeting options.


You’re very involved in the Austin theater community. What’s initially led you to drama and what’s kept you in?

I’ve been on stage since I was 12. It’s always been my true passion and what I really love to do. I’ve always been a storyteller, and acting allows me to share that love with others.


What’s the most impactful event you’ve experienced as a young professional?

Last year, I won the CMG President’s Circle for Statesman Media. Going to our corporate offices and being able to present with the top sellers across Cox Media Group was hugely rewarding. In terms of acting, performing for ABC Family and HBO have been a huge accomplishments to me.


What do you think is the biggest challenge to local advertisers?

The biggest challenge I think advertisers face is giving trust to media partners and building that relationship. I think a lot advertisers have been burned in the past by dishonest sellers, so it’s difficult to develop a relationship with someone trying to help you. A lot of times this happens because advertisers are given unrealistic expectations to win the business, and when the campaign doesn’t go according to plan, all trust is lost.

I take a lot of pride in setting the stage for what an advertiser can expect from a campaign. When things don’t well, it’s important for me to be open and honest about how to improve things.


You’ve had a lot of success working with real estate clients and have seen first-hand the effect of Austin’s growth for business. What recommendation do you have for advertisers hoping to capitalize on new Austintines?

I’d say the most important thing advertisers can do to attract people that just moved here is to think outside the box. With that, I’d say cast a wide net and learn from results to eventually develop a strongly targeted campaign


Being the 2014 CMG President’s Circle Winner, you’re obviously a goal-oriented achiever. What are you hoping to tackle next personally and professionally?

Well this year I’m hoping to tackle marriage! But professionally, I’ve always been told I’m a natural-born leader and I’d like to test that. I would love the opportunity to develop a team and help them reach their full potential.

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