Four Upcoming Under-the-Radar Austin Events

Four Upcoming Under-the-Radar Austin Events

Let’s face it.  Austin, Texas has one of the most impressive resumes of all cities in the United States when it comes to big events.

The two largest events of the year are South by Southwest and the ACL Music Festival, both of which draw attendees from around the world.  And while we’re the 39th largest market according to Nielsen, Austin is the only city in the country to host a Formula 1 race, the most exclusive racing series in the world.

But throughout the year, there is almost always something going on in our wonderful city.  We wanted to share four of our favorite events held every year in Austin.  Many locals will know these gems, but these will likely be new to most who aren’t fortunate enough to be Austinites.


The ABC Kite Festival

2018 Date:  March 4

My first Kite Festival was in 2010.  I’ll never forget riding my bike into Zilker Park and looking at thousands of kites flying high in the air.  With the picturesque backdrop of downtown just on the other side of Lady Bird Lake, flying a kite and sipping on a lemonade with 20,000 other Austinites is one of the best things you can do on a Spring afternoon.

Unfortunately, last year’s festival had to be cancelled due to weather.  But something tells us that will just bring out the spirt of Austinites, making this year’s event better than ever.


(photo credit: Jay Janner/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Carnaval Brasileiro

2018 Date:  February 10

The world’s largest Carnaval celebration may be in Rio De Janeiro, but did you know the second largest is in Austin?  If you can’t make it down to Brazil next month, head on out to the Palmer Event Center to get your party on.

We love this event because it’s one of the biggest gatherings of people simply looking to have a good time.  Lastly, the people watching is world class.


(photo credit: Carnaval Brasileiro)


The Statesman Cap10K

2018 Date: April 8

You may call us biased for including our own event in this list, but as the largest 10K race in the state of Texas and 10th largest in the country, the Statesman Cap10K Presented by Baylor Scott & White makes the cut.  You’re also bound to spot an old Cap10K shirt or two any given weekend by people strolling the hike and bike trail or grabbing their breakfast tacos at Torchy’s.

Besides the race that takes you on a tour through Downtown Austin, the finish line festival features live music, a costume contest for runners with more than standard athletic fare, and booths hosted by several local Austin companies, many of whom provide free samples of their products.



Eeyore’s Birthday Party

2018 Date: April 28

While the Carnaval event is one of the best indoor parties in Austin, Eeyore’s Birthday Party is arguably the best outdoor party.

Yes, Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh’s friend who always needed some cheering up, has had his birthday party in Austin every year since 1963.

Many of the thousands who attend the party in Pease Park dress up in costumes of all sorts, have their faces (and sometimes their bodies) painted, play various games (including unicycle football), and participate in drum circles that sprout up around the park?

Sound weird?  It is!  And that’s why we love it.


(photo credit: Ralph Barrera/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)