Hyper-Local Marketing – What Does it Mean?

Hyper-Local Marketing – What Does it Mean?

Hyper-Local marketing is a buzzword for marketing that’s focused in a targeted area or neighborhood. For us, it is simply relevant marketing.

There are 4 key strategies all businesses should focus on in order to own their “hyper-local” markets:

Social: Social media is the new “word of mouth” advertising. Be a part of the conversation! Social Media allows you to drive direct response with fresh and engaging content that can be pushed out in real time to your best customers. Customers are interacting with social media throughout their day, giving you multiple opportunities to reach out and engage them with your brand and offerings-get in the conversation!

Target Marketing: Target your best customers in their mailbox or inbox! Email marketing and Direct Mail Marketing allows you to reach only the prospects you want in a targeted area with a smart direct mail, email and/or inserts campaign. This cost effective marketing strategy allows you to be delivered in home to ONLY your best prospects and customers. Even better, include an offer and see an instant ROI.

Community Collaboration: When small businesses work together, everybody wins! We recommend partnering with the local publications, including community newspapers, magazines and events in order to become a pillar in your community. Align your company with trusted community publications and get involved with community initiatives and events in order to elevate your brand in your area. The local exposure will elevate your brand and give you a solid platform from which to build your business on.

Get Digital: From online listings, to your website and mobile presence, digital marketing is a must for your marketing plan at any size. Ensure that you are constantly updating your website with relevant, local information to help garner a great reputation in the community and set yourself up as an expert in your industry.

Adding a search engine marketing campaign to your marketing strategy should be one of your first marketing buys as a business—when your targets are looking for you, ensure you are there.  Although digital can be overwhelming, if you don’t have an expert partnering with you, it also provides you with trackable results and insights into your business that are invaluable.