Why Does IP Targeting Provide a High ROI?

Why Does IP Targeting Provide a High ROI?


IP Targeting is quickly becoming the popular resource for online advertising.  Why? Targeted campaigns using first party data (i.e. your customer list) are becoming more widely used. Making sure you have the best data with most targeted strategy to reach your customers can greatly increase ROI and transparency for attribution digitally.

Cookie-less Marketing vs Location Marketing

Since the beginning of internet, digital marketers have been able to track and review data collected from users’ interactions with various websites through cookies.  While many business owners still use cookie data to remarket to consumers, you can also use first party data to target specific locations (i.e. addresses). As the shelf life of cookie data continues to shrink, some businesses have turned to IP targeting.

Today, online display campaigns are less dependent on just clicks and cookies because they can utilize IP technology to gain the user’s true location. In other words, location is the new real-world cookie.

IP Targeting Paired with Direct Mail

Are you already running Direct Mail?  If so, why not pair it with IP targeting? There is a 65% lift in ROI when direct mail and IP targeting are paired together. Since IP marketing targets users based on geographic location, it works very well with direct mail by targeting user IP address. In return, servers display ads to a users’ desktops and mobile devices. IP targeting brings the accuracy and effectiveness of your offline direct mail campaign into the digital world by matching IP and real-world addresses. This means you can have confidence you’re reaching your specific audience.

IP Marketing Strategies

There are many reasons that a business owner would want to use IP targeting. Some sample strategies would include:


With this development in technology advertisers can now send customized ads to people in specific areas, neighborhoods, and venues. The ads can even be sent to businesses. Once an IP address is assigned to a person or a business, it acts like a tracking number, allowing businesses to collect non-personally identifiable information about their targets. IP address marketing gives marketers an easy and effective way to target people, all while providing them with information that is beneficial to their business.


Consumers all over the world are spending so much time on the web that it’s a no-brainer to reach them on the medium they use the most! If you are looking to strengthen your marketing strategy, IP marketing is certainly worth a shot. Please inquire here for more information on this exciting new opportunity for digital marketing!