One Day University

One Day University

The Austin American Statesman hosted One Day University here in Austin yesterday. It was a great day of learning and sharing with four award-winning professors. Psychology, Astronomy, History, Politics, and Music were just some of the topics at this season’s event.  Students and professors engaged in healthy discourse and shared learning.

Why Some People Are Resilient, and Others Are Not was presented by Dr. Andrew Shatté of  University of Arizona. Here Dr. Shatté shared how habits in how we think have an enormous impact on resilience.

This was  followed by Dr. David Helfand’s (Columbia University)  course on What We Know About the Universe (and What We Don’t Know). This was a remarkable discussion of Astronomy.

 4 Musical Masterpieces That Changed America was then presented by  Anna Celenza  of  Georgetown University. Here Dr. Celenza shared the profound effect of certain musical pieces that shaped our country’s history and the evolution of our intake of music.

Lastly The Rise and Decline of the American Presidency was presented by the University of Texas’s  Jeremi Suri. This lecture focused on the nature of government bureaucracy, the range of American challenges and commitments, and the development of the modern media.

Additionally students were eligible to win a Lexus  RC350 that was on display throughout the day.

Pre-enroll for next session is already off and running! The event is scheduled for April 24, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Discounted tickets are available for a short time for early signups!

This event would not be possible without the planning expertise of the Statesman staff and our generous sponsor, Lexus of Austin.