Paid Search Extensions

Paid Search Extensions

Google AdWords offers a variety of extensions that can enhance your paid search ad, give more information about your business, entice click-through rate and occupy more real estate on a search engine results page. Google uses its proprietary algorithm to determine the frequency of displaying your extensions, so it’s impossible to guarantee extensions appearing for individual searches. That being said, extensions are easy to create and manage, so put your best PPC foot forward and make sure these are available in your accounts when relevant. An the best part is these extensions are not more expensive than your normal CPC and tend to be much stronger leads!

Google just released a new extension called Price Extension, which is only available for mobile searches, but is a great idea for brick and mortar and ecommerce clients alike. Below we’ve compiled examples of all extensions currently available. Make sure your search account as all these extensions when relevant.

Price Extension:

price extensions3

App Extension:

app 2

Call Extension – Desktop:

call desktop

Call Extension – Mobile:

call mobile2

Call-Out Extension:


Location Extension:


Review Extension:


Sitelink Extension:


Structured Snippet:

structured snippet

If your current SEM provider isn’t handling these extensions, we would love to help!  Statesman Media, part of Cox Media Group Local Solutions, is a Google Premier Partner, so we know search!  Contact us today, or call (512) 445-1739.